Faster at +50?

Faster at +50?

Faster at +50?

Faster at +50?

10 tips for Ironman Racing

In only a few days thousands of fellow Scandinavians will start at Ironman Kalmar or Copenhagen. Some will do it for the first time and some will be repeat offenders that have caught the bug and...

Returning to Roth

A week ago, my swim/bike/run down memory lane brought me back to what can be considered the cradle of long distance triathlon in Europe – the city of Roth in the South of Germany. It was over...

Ironman Lanzarote – A Mental Battle

Many people are drawn to Ironman racing for the opportunity to test themselves in what often called “the hardest one day race in the world”. Personally, I find that there are few things in life that...


In business, as well as in training, it’s good to ”set the pace” in Q1. Rather than dicking around and hardly getting started – looking at the budget figures as ”a end...



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