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Faster at +50?

After 18 year break from racing Ironman’s I decided to take it up again with the ambition to become faster at the age of +50 than I was in my peak at the age of 30.

I will use every advantage I can from the best equipment, training knowledge, testing procedures and coaches – anything that is legal.

My journey started during the summer of 2014 with serious training and in 2015 I did my first Ironman race again.

“Patience” – breakfast of champions.

I have been blessed with a talent for endurance sports and a body that can handle large amount of hard training. During my very short career in triathlon (1994-1998) I didn’t understand or appreciate this talent nor did I have the patience to build up gradually and develop as an athlete. It was first when I ”retired” from racing and started to coach triathletes that I fully understood that what I had managed to do in just a few years was rather unique. In fact, I only learned to swim and got a bike in 1992 and raced my first full distance Ironman 1994. I raced hard for 3 seasons simultaneously as I was working in a high pace international role and the “burn out” both physically and mentally is in hindsight not a big surprise. This is where you will find casinos online no brasil. Follow the link!

Now that I have restarted I first thought it would be simple to get back in shape and start clocking in at around 09:30 at Ironman races again but after a shaky start with an injury in 2015 I finished Ironman Mallorca in 10:28. This could have been the point where I gave up but instead – it inspired me. A challenge that is simple is not a challenge.

I have come to realized that I really love to train and have made it a high priority in life. I also realize that by being smarter about my training I might be able to do even better results – even if I am older – and I am determined to prove it. During this process, I am sharing both my progress but also information about the tools that are crucial to my success in blogs, social media and articles as I have realized that this challenge can be inspirational to others.

Hope that you find something interesting and inspiring here and if you do feel free to comment and share.


Races and results

2016 10th place Slovakman 226. Time 9h 38min.

2016 13th place Trapaniman (1/2). Time 4h 32min.

1998 24th place Ironman Australia. Time 9h 17min.

1997 74th place Ironman World Championships (Hawaii). Time 9h 34min.

1997 2nd place Ceveres, Olympic distance (Belgium). Time 1h59min.

1997 24th place Ironman Lanzarote (Spain). Time 10h 12min.

1996 61st place Ironman Roth (Germany). Time 9h 12min.

1996 128 st place Ironman World Championships (Hawaii). Time 9h 38min.




Racing for Doctors without borders at Ironman Lanzarote